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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mercury Retrograde . . . Will It Get You? And What To Do When It Does!

 Good Afternoon,

Well Mercury turned retrograde two days ago on January 21st,  2015. What does that mean you ask? Well astronomers and astrologers notice that at certain times of the year, the planet Mercury, seems to slow down in it's orbit to appear stopped or in some cases appears as if it's moving backwards! Over the years this time has come to be called Mercury Retrograde.

Now, I'm not a strong astrologist, I know enough of certain astrological signs and symbols to get by but I'm not an astrologist by any means. I have however, over the years found there is something to this Mercury retrograde as it seems to affect everybody in some way or another. You see, when Mercury is in retrograde it is said that it affects such things as many things with communication, computers and time being the biggest areas affected. You might misinterpret someones words, have computer crashes more frequently or emails that go completely missing, just to name a few things that could go wrong.

Take just this morning for instance. I normally take Mercury retrograde for what it is and try not to let the flubs get to me. I try to go with the flow and keep things serene. Well Mercury retrograde 'got me' this morning. I set the alarm clock for 8:30 and promptly woke up when it went off. I made coffee and turned on the morning news to see the weather while I got ready for the day. After 30 minutes or so I saw the morning news show continuing rather than going off the air for the next morning show. I looked at the alarm clock, it said 9 am. Then I picked up my cell phone and it said 8 am!!! I had gotten up an hour earlier than I needed to! And I'm greedy about my sleep! Well, I took another sip of coffee and realized I had a choice. I could be all cranky about losing a precious hour of sleep or I could make it work for me.

I decided to go to the Community Y, where I try to work out a few times a week and I worked out on the elliptical machine not for my usual 30 minutes, but for 45 minutes! I never have time for that long a work out, but today I did!! It was a good workout too!

I also notice that my cell phone turns on alerts and other system prompts, without my doing so, during Mercury retrograde. For instance as soon as Mercury went retrograde my phone started to tell me out loud who was calling, each time a call came in. It's a little annoying, but even the phone company couldn't turn off the alert. This went on until Mercury went out of retrograde. I had forgotten about it until two days ago, when, you guessed it .  .  .  my phone started using voice alerts to start telling me again who was calling. Now I simply try to answer my phone quickly so everyone around me doesn't hear! Frankly no one needs to know that my pharmacy or doctor is calling!

So yes, Mercury retrograde didn't take any time in finding me this time. Oh and there is no logical explanation as to why the alarm clock was set incorrectly. It was set right the night before when I went to bed. Or that the cell phone alerts turn themselves on , but you see, it's these seemingly unexplainable things that happen during these periods ascribed to Mercury retrograde, that will affect you. Many people have  many more crazy stories about how it affects them. Just be aware that it's happening and don't get too upset or think you're losing your mind. You're not! Mercury is just having a bit of fun with us.

And there's an end in sight. Mercury retrograde usually lasts for a couple of weeks. In some instances it can last for over a month! Yikes! Here are the dates of mercury retrograde for this year, 2015. Just to keep you aware:

  • January 21st - February 11th
  • May 18th - June 11th
  • September 17th - October 9th          

Hopefully you will slide through this difficult time with little affect, but here are some quick tips for dealing with Mercury retrograde:

  • Back up files on your computer
  • Print out sales invoices for items ordered and keep a hard copy
  • Don't assume. Be clear in your wording with others and ask for clarification if at all unsure of a person's words. Many arguments can be avoided by being clear and apologizing if words are misunderstood.
  • Double check alarm clocks and other watches and clocks with something like a cell phone that it automatically set      
  • When something goes awry, try to correct it or make the best out of the situation      
 Good luck!!

Peace and Happiness

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