The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Even More Autumn Magicks to be Found in our Gardens!

Good Afternoon,

We finish up today talking about the magicks to be found in our Autumn gardens.  It's important to note that I have touched upon just a few of the plants, vegetables and fruits that hold magick for us, in the past few weeks of our discussion. Today we discuss some of the season's favorites.


The pumpkin holds a magick that will help you find a way into a man's heart. The recipe for pumpkin pie, for instance is actually a love spell that you can eat. Pumpkin's magickal property is love. Add sugar for sweetness, spices for lust and passion and voila' you have a tasty love spell that no man can resist. The pumpkin as a gourd also holds protection as a magickal property also. Carve a pumpkin into a scary face and place on your doorstep with a lit candle inside to keep evil and frightening forces from your home.


Gourds magickal property as mentioned above with the pumpkin is protection. It's important to not eat any gourds that are not sold as food, as many of them are poisonous. Placing gourds around your front doorstep helps keep evil from your home. also tying them into a long string or rope of gourds and draping them over your doorway also repels negative spirits. Drying the gourds and using them as shakers with the seeds inside makes them good for magickal rituals when singing and dancing takes place.


Apples can be used in love spells also. In this case any dish made from apples, sweetened with sugar and spiced up can be a love spell, much like the pumpkin, but this time it's most effective on the woman. The apple also has healing energies in it. A new witch is often taught that to cut the apple in half horizontally will allow one to see the seed pod within, in the shape of a star or pentagram. The pentagram is a protective symbol for witches.  Apples are also consumed on Samhain (Halloween) as they are considered a food of the dead.

There is so much magick around us, to be found in the natural world. To be used, appreciated and blessed. I hope you are enjoying this Atumn season and the wondrous gifts of the Autumn garden.

Peace and Happiness


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