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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beltaine is almost upon us!

Good Afternoon, 

 May 1st is right around the corner, and this is our Beltaine Sabbat. It is a Greater Sabbat, celebrated by Witches and other magickal folks, and is seen as our first day of Summer. I have been celebrating this holiday since I was a little girl. I wasn't Pagan back then, ( or at least I didn't know I was) but come May 1st I would go outside and pick a bunch of Spring flowers and make a bouquet out of them and leave them by the front door. I would knock or ring the bell and run away, for my mother to find them. She must have told me about this tradition because I remember doing it when I was quite young. This day is also called May Day and Lady's Day.

Today we celebrate this holiday (holy day) with a ritual casting of the magickal circle, a dance around the May Pole (which at Enchantments is a living Rowan tree) and an outdoor pot luck feast. This year's Beltaine also marks the tenth anniversary of Enchantments! It will definitely be a day of great celebration. This Beltaine celebration is open to the public. We just ask that anyone who wishes to attend, to be at Enchantments by 10 am at the latest and that they bring a pot luck dish to share with others. The ritual will start at 10 am.  The day of our Beltaine Celebration this year will be Saturday, May 3rd at 10 am. Also, if you wish to dance around the May pole please bring a length of ribbon, 1 inch wide and approximately 9 - 12 feet in length. Any festive color will do (NO Black!!!)

Traditionally, Beltaine was a time of fertilizing the fields to nurture the fragile, new growth from the seeds we just planted at Ostara. Metaphorically speaking, what seeds have you planted recently. Are you trying to be a better person? More understanding, more kind, compassionate, less judgmental? Now that the seeds have been planted, how will you fertilize them? Opportunities always abound when we wish to be different. You will be given the chance to be that person you wish to be. But you must recognize the opportunity and make the changes you say you want. Just some food for thought.

Well we have just over a week until we celebrate Beltaine. I hope you do something to mark the day. It's one of the most special days of our year. A day to welcome in the Summer and finally rid ourselves of Winter. And a long Winter it has been.  I hope to see you at our Beltaine Celebration and if not, I hope you have a lovely celebration of your own.

Peace and Happiness

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