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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to discard of candle bits after a ritual or spell.

Good Afternoon,

Many people ask me what to do with left over candle bits and bobs when using candles in ritual and in spells. Firstly, candles used in rituals that have burned down and have just left overs, these pieces can be thrown away. Some students of mine prefer to save up the bits and melt them down to make other candles, which is fine, just don't use spell candles for this purpose.

I have another student who has a nifty idea, she uses the leftover wax to melt down and dip pine cones in to make fire starters for her fireplace. A great idea if you have a fireplace.

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, the beginning of February, is the time to replace all of your altar candles and watchtower candles in the ritual room with new ones. The old ones can be discarded. I like to save mine and burn them up in the fire pit outdoors during the summer months.

For spell candles, burn the candle down until it extinguishes itself, then any remains can be discarded. Since magickal intent is infused into the candle when charging the candle with it's magickal goal, it's not a good idea to re-use the bits of these candles for other candles. The magickal intent will stay and mixing it with other parts of spell candles will just make a magickal mess!

At Enchantments we use and also sell, small 'chime' candles for spell casting. These candles are crafted for the holiday times for a brass candle holder that turns from the heat of the candle and has little chimes on it. I believe it is from the Swedish or perhaps German culture. They are quite popular still and the candles we sell are made for them, but they also make excellent spell candles. These candles burn down within an hour or two and leave virtually no trace behind. Less to have to discard. You might wish to try these 'chime' candles the next time you cast a spell. They come in many colors, for all magickal purposes.

The dark of the year, now, is an excellent time to do candle magick as it brings a bit of hope and light to the darkness of the winter days. Happy Spell casting.

Peace and Happiness

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