The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aiding your community, is an ancient and modern witch's job

Good Evening,

Ancient witches survived by aiding their community. They would sell simple spells, work folk magicks and make potions and brews to aid the sick and in-firmed. In return they might be paid back by receiving bread, eggs, a chicken or portion of meat for their stew pot. At least this is how many survived in ancient times, when barter was a matter of survival.

Today, we work for our coin. Yet the witch is still in a unique place to be able to aid her or his community.  We have magicks that can help others, we simply do not cast magick for others, but today we teach others how to do it for themselves. It really is most effective that way. 

Having a witch shop I find myself in the position of giving advice on a daily basis for those in need of guidance.  Whether it be smudging their homes or businesses, which is something I do for a fee, even though people can do it for themselves, or selling them an inexpensive spell kits and teaching them how to use them.  

Listening to those who have had paranormal experiences, when at times no one else will listen to what can seem like crazy stories also has it's place.  Sometimes the only one you can talk to is the local witch! But even if you do not have your own witch shop you can aid your community in many ways.  Help by volunteering in your community. Collect hats and gloves during the winter for those staying in the local shelter. Bring old towels and blankets to your local pet shelter or veterinarian.  Run a food drive for your local soup kitchen. Really there are many ways to help, and being a solitary practitioner does not exempt you from your responsibility and duty to your community. No it doesn't.

Being a witch is a way of life, and as a way of life we must give back to the universe that cares for us. Remember the witches credo "What you send out, returns back to you" and it's true, it does. It doesn't matter if you're a white witch or not, a Wiccan witch or not, we must give back for the universal flow of energy to keep coming back to us. What happens if we don't? Well, it simply stops. The magick stops. We stop making effective change within our lives and we stop making magick. I've talked to many that this has happened to. Magick just seems to slip out of their lives, leaving them wishing and wondering what happened and where it went.

There's magick there for you, but you must work it and you must give back (earn it) for it to be at hand for your use.

Think of some way to give back to your community this holiday season. You will see it affecting your magick and your life in wonderful ways.

Peace and Happiness

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