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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Thanksgiving I'm going to church for a very good reason

 Good Afternoon,

Today's topic is a bit different. It's about going to church. Now, being Wiccan, church for me is the great outdoors or perhaps in my ritual room if the weather is a bit tricky. But I have heard many pagans and Wiccans declare "I will NEVER step foot inside a church again!" and I've often wondered why.

Well, obviously, they have had a bad experience or maybe just not a good one when going to church. But, a church is just a building and the people there believe in their own style of doing things. I hadn't been to church in quite a while, when last September, I was visiting my parents and my Dad said "your mother would love it if you would surprise her this Sunday and show up in church". Which was my Dad's way of asking if I would go to church with them. Frankly I don't think my mother cared one way or the other, but I know my Dad did.

Now, let me say, they know all about my Wiccan beliefs, my Wiccan ordained minister status and they know I'm not going to 'convert' one day to becoming a Christian. So, I thought about it, asked what time church started and found out it started a a reasonable 10:30 am, for no matter what the occasion, I'm not one to do an 8 am, anything!! 

And I went. I went for my parents. Because I knew my parents would be happy if I was there, and that's the only reason. I can find my Goddess anywhere and I saw her that day in the church, in the stained glass that decorated the church. I stood next to my parents and sang hymns and told myself to remember this occasion, because one day they won't be there to stand next to.

Am I afraid that someone will try to convert me? No. I'm strong in my personal faith and I respect others. I have no animosity towards Christians or others of different faiths and I often find talking about different beliefs to be interesting and I enjoy it.

Now, come Thanksgiving, I will be visiting my parents again, and this time I mentioned first to them that I would like to go to church with them. It's such a small gesture and one that brings such happiness, and it harms none. They especially like to introduce me to the other congregants of their church during the pot luck social that follows the service.

You might not agree with the beliefs of a Christian faith, nor go to church, but is there anger or intense feelings associated with this? If so, perhaps some work needs to be done.  Finding the right belief system for you should not automatically instill feelings of anger, disgust or hatred towards other beliefs. It simply is that your belief is different from other's beliefs. 

I could find myself in a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or oak grove and feel good within myself. As I said, I look for the Goddess everywhere, and most times I find her. For she is always with me, no matter where I tread.

I hope you find yourself in a place you wish to be this Thanksgiving season.

Peace and Happiness

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  1. What a wonderful blog. I have a Catholic family and have enjoyed the experience of their services although they know it's not my faith. I will be thanking the goddess this year that I do have my parents :)

  2. According to Rhiannon Rhyall who wrote West Country Wicca: A Journal of the Old Religion, it was normal for Wiccan's to attend church...primarily to stave off local's fears, but also to "blend in". I, myself, was raised in the Christian church and have no problem going, though I have different beliefs :-)

    Ms. Faith, thank you so much for this beautiful blog!