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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gratitude and Love make your spells manifest

Good Afternoon,

Let's discuss gratitude as we roll into this Thanksgiving season. I think most people understand that behind your magick and spell casting there are energies that go into making your magick manifest. You might be feeling the need to have a certain something manifest in your life. You might feel longing, desire, fear, worry, etc. for something to come into your life, or for something to be banished from your life. This is a basic understanding of spell casting. For you wouldn't need to cast a spell, if everything in your life was wonderful and working just as you wished, now would you?

So there is a basic feeling behind every spell, but there should be a general feeling of love and gratitude to the universe, or God/Goddess if you will, for making your spells manifest. We all work together in one big conglomerate to make our magick happen. When dealing with the universe/ God/Goddess, by sending gratitude and love out, we in turn receive it back along with our desires that we've spell-casted for.

Thanksgiving should not be the only time you take a moment to be grateful for all you have in your life. For me it's a daily practice. So when you light that candle, you speak to your higher power, you mix that potion or create that incense, be sure to give some of your heart to the process. You'll find your spell manifesting quicker and more in line with your desires.

Peace and Happiness

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