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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Using 'Cat Magick' to aid your day to day life!

 Good Evening,

Tonight's discussion must first and foremost start with a big hello and thank you to my friends Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in Ireland. For it was Lady Janet who gave me the magickal information that I will impart to you this evening.  Both Janet and Gavin are world renowned authors of many books on Wicca, magick and magickal workings. If you have a chance to read any of their books, I personally highly recommend it! Janet is also a lady who has a natural affinity for and a deep love of felines and knows more than anyone else I know abut these wonderful creatures, both magickal and practical. Here's a bit of magickal lore she shared with me when we visited this past summer.

Cat Magick. More specifically, how to use naturally shed cat whiskers and claws in your magickal workings. I myself am blessed with seven fabulous felines and come across naturally shed claws and whiskers on occasion. I've been of a mind to pick them up and save them, but I didn't know what to do with them, so when Janet and Gavin visited Enchantments this past August I asked her her thoughts on the matter.

She told me to use the cats whiskers, which are occasionally shed (keep a look out for them) and to place them in a small envelope or paper packet. I use a small zip lock baggie normally used for jewelry. Place the cats whisker in your vehicle, somewhere out of the way, in a glove box or center console. Leave it there. It will aid you in avoiding accidents and other mishaps "by a cat's whisker"!

If you already have one in your vehicle and your cats gift you with others, make a gift out of them for loved ones.  You can't have too much traffic/travel safety magick, especially in New England in the winter time!

The other naturally shed item from your feline friends are claws. They naturally scratch to remove old claws and reveal newer, sharper claws on a regular basis. You will find cats claws much more readily than whiskers. You can use these in your magickal workings to help you climb out of a difficult situation, "climb your way to the top" so to speak. Especially in very difficult circumstances. You can use them in spell mixes, pouches with other items such as stones, herbs and crystals. Place them in a small bowl on your altar or on a shelf where you keep your magickal tools and supplies.

A witch uses what nature places before her to help aid her in her magickal workings. In this matter, your cat can really be your familiar when you use the gifts it leaves for you, right under your nose or feet as the case may be!

Start looking closely for these gifts from your cat, save them and use them well.

Peace and Happiness

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