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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Support your local witch shop . . . starting a grass roots movement!

Enchantments has a New look!

Good Evening,

Just in the last few weeks I've heard of a number of Wicca- Witch - New Age shoppes (call us what you will ) going out of business.   Enchantments herself has been on the verge of becoming a memory but we're still hanging on.  Why this closing trend? Of course the economy, as what we sell falls into luxury, extra-curricular products as we're really not selling vital, necessary products like clothing, food and medical supplies! Also the Internet has hurt us tremendously. Yes, it's easier to buy your stuff on the Internet and many times cheaper.  But at what cost .  .  .  ?

It's also cheaper to buy your candles at discount outlets, Christmas outlets and other places like craft stores and supermarkets.  I'm not arguing this point. But realize, if you've ever said that Enchantments is your favorite shop, that you love shopping here or at shops like Enchantments, that the more you and others purchase at the discount outlets, on the Internet or other franchises and chains that we will soon all be gone.  There are no franchises or chains for witch shops. we are all owned and operated by individuals, Mom & Pop shops that don't have the seemingly unlimited resources that many franchises have. Many of us don't even take home a pay check and rely on other part time jobs or our spouses income to keep us afloat. 

You can get products cheaper by not shopping your local witch shop, but can you get the knowledge, the advice, the authentic information you need for your magickal workings by someone who you can speak to in person? Someone who has had several years, or in my case several decades .  .  .  wait .  .  .  decades? .  .  .  Yikes!    But it's true .  .  .   several decades of practice and knowledge to impart to you?

If you buy your products on the Internet, can you then call the person you purchased your items from to ask a simple question on candle magick? Can you even speak to a real person?  Wait .  .  .  have you ever wondered if the Internet sites actually have real witches or magickal practitioners involved?  I have personally checked out a number of Internet sites and with a few questions which many times are not even answered it is apparent that there are people running these sites that are not magickal, informed or knowledgeable about the products they sell.

That's not every site, as there are some good mail order sites run by respectable magickal people, but many, so many are just run by those who will sell anything to anyone to make money.  Beware of sites that offer to do spells for you, to cast spells or curses on others and promises of love spells and the like for lots of money that are guaranteed to work!!  I have spoken to and met dozens of people that have been taken for lots of money and little results from many of these sites.

For an alternate example,  at Enchantments,  you can purchase a simple love spell, that you cast yourself for a mere $9.00.  I have personally written ever spell for each type of spell kit I sell and I am available throughout the week to speak to and discuss the spells, how they worked, why they may not have and how to tweak them to help you become an effective magickal practitioner.  I make many of my own products and I stand behind  them all.  You can call or stop by to speak with me personally about my products.  Try that on the Internet!!

But soon .  .  . we will be gone.   Unless you can help us, and I hope you can .  .  .   help keep us in business, a real brick and mortar establishment that you can stop by and go in and talk to, browse, explore and soak up the atmosphere and good energy as you look at polished stones, candles and herbs. As you peruse books, tarot decks and and at Enchantments read the walls to learn more about the products we offer.

Enchantments offers not only the products but the knowledgeable expertise to go along with the products and easy techniques so that you can use them like a professional.   This is a short discussion tonight and I am counting on you to share this link with others. 'Like' this link on facebook, tell your friends and make a definite plan to stop by and support your local witch shop this week and all through the year. Only you can keep us here for you.

I personally thank you for keeping us in business so that we can continue to supply your magickal needs. Also come by and see Enchantments new look!!

A rose from our garden - just perfect!

Peace and Happiness

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