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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

"If You Do Not Find It Within, You Will Never Find It Without"

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Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

Today I want to go a bit deeper into the philosophy of the witch. Mind you, there will be those who will claim, quite loudly, that the following principles, because they are found in Wiccan writings, are Wiccan in their entirety and therefore do not apply to anyone who does not follow Wiccan practice or theology.  They would be wrong.

In truth, the earliest writers of Wiccan theology or religion, Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and others of their time, simply wrote of philosophy that applied to human experience and benefited all, whether you were Wiccan or not. That actually was a great benefit of a new religion first developed in the early 1950's, for while it was based on ancient principles of witchcraft, it was able to incorporate more modern understanding of the human condition.

Such as, "what you send out, returns back to you", and "an' it harm none do what you will", are a couple of well known "Wiccan" concepts but they are found in the basis of metaphysics, such as karma and regardless of how you wrap it up, call it what you will these concepts exists beyond the trappings of religion and affect anyone and everyone even those who have no religion or spiritual belief system.

The concept I will discuss today, we touch upon briefly as we cast the circle using a sword. The high Priestess, holds the sword upright, then turns it point down, then point towards the Priestess and then the point is directed away, while she says, "As above, So below, As within, So without". This references the words of Doreen Valiente's "Charge of the Goddess" in which she wrote "Know that thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not unless they knowest the Mystery, If that which thou seeks, thy finds not within thee, thy will never find it without."

This is a beautiful passage which seems simple at first read, but can get deeper and deeper as the seeker studies and tries to apply it to their path and their magickal work. If what you are seeking, in your magick, in your family, relationships, at work, career, in your life if you cannot find it within yourself, you will never find it outside of yourself.

When you start to break this down and think of it, in detail, this applies to all.  If you are looking for love, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, success, acceptance, in your life from others around you, you first must have these qualities within you yourself. Within you not only for yourself but .  .  .  and here's the rub, for others.

Yes, you cannot expect others to accept you, show you mercy, compassion, love, be non-judgmental, or as many in Wiccan tradition like to throw around, to show you"perfect love and perfect trust' but while you in turn fail to show and give others these qualities. You will find the feedback, the karmic return to be harsh, swift and a slap in the face. Sharp and painful.

For many, they will simply sit about and wonder why? Why is my life so unhappy? Why me? Why do I not get what I deserve? Why is everyone always overlooking me, not taking me seriously, not respecting me, not treating me as I expect to be treated? And what you need to do is look inside of you. That is where is starts.

If you cannot find it within, you will never find it without. Although Ms. Valiente beautifully crafted the original "Charge of The Goddess" and it has since been rewritten and adapted by many more Wiccan authors,  the philosophies in this work are not specific to Wicca, but can and should be applied to humans living their lives and trying to be the best people they can be.

In this time, in this country, if not the world, but most certainly in the United States of this day and age, we have found ourselves in an age of blame. Fingers pointing to everyone but ourselves and blaming everyone and everything for all of the woes of the world and our problems. Yet the philosopher, the scholar who studies the human condition understands that it all starts within us, and emanates from us outwards.

This unfortunately has been role modeled from the top level of our government and has seeped down like a poison and it has caused a lot of people to feel entitled to cast blame on others for their problems, from local and state government to Federal government, to immigrants coming into our country to those who look differently from us, who sound differently from us, who believe differently from us, even those who were born and raised in this country. We are in a new sad era of separation and discrimination that disempowers every single one of those who fall into this abyss.

This belief feeds hatred, prejudice and fear.  Yet, many who follow this dark path of personal destruction actually seem to feel a sense of empowerment, but it is short lived, as the spark of light of their inner souls knows on some higher level that this belief feeds the base lower levels of our Shadow selves and not the higher light of our souls being.

If you need an example of how this energy actually works, I will use the current President of the United States.  I do this, as he opened the door, stating just last week, he is a victim of a witch hunt. I will leave that alternative fact aside and bring your attention to his entire demeanor since his election victory. Yes, he did win the election in November of 2016, regardless of statistics, he is considered the 45th President of the United States.

In the time since his election victory, his initial bravado and pride, perhaps hubris at his win, has steadily and consistently traveled a path downwards as he has clearly demonstrated how he feels victimized, unloved, unwanted, harassed, disrespected, constantly parodied, teased and bullied. By the media, by Congress, by the opposing party, by his own party even by members of his own 'team', he feels unloved and even by sitting in the seat of the President of the United States in the Oval Office of the White House, the highest position in this country he constantly complains like a petulant child.  This is because what he is so desperately seeking outside of himself, what he has for his entire life paid for with his millions and billions of dollars, he no longer can pay for and now when he needs to be able to access it within himself, it is not there. It never was.

As much as his father tried to set his son up to be successful in life by giving his a lot of money and businesses and opportunities, he failed his son by not giving him a sense of inner respect, love and self worth. But I just use this President as an example, a good example as I leave his politics out of this. I do not write about politics in this column, whatever your political bent is of no interest to me. But the observations of this President demonstrates this topics point very clearly.

So look at your path and your life. Realize that passing judgment has become almost like an air born drug in our culture these days, where it is on social media, on the news, in our day to day life and even within us as we judge ourselves.  We have to work harder these days just to let others live and let live and simply not care if they like something different from us, if they believe differently from us, if they look differently from us, if the speak, think, or come from a place that is different from us.

This used to make us a stronger country and culture, but it is now breaking us down and making us weak because we are allowing it to. In the magickal world, on the magickal path the differences and uniqueness amongst us is even more pronounced and radical. Yet, that is to be expected as there are no two witches, pagans or Wiccans who are the same.  It is even more crucial that we work on looking inside for those things we want and hope to find outside of us. The acceptance of others, the understanding, the common courtesy, the compassion, the love and friendship, loyalty and trust.

These things, everything you are looking for, if you cannot find these within you, you will never find them outside of you.  Yet remember, it is not just for you and of you that these things must be applied, but towards others if you wish to have them return back to you.

For those who ask, How? How do I stop passing judgment on others? This is a very good question which shows you are ready to do the work, you have recognized that you like just about everyone, myself included, have moments when we do pass judgment, and now you wish to transcend this place.

First stop fearing them. Judgment comes from fear. Once you stop fearing someone else simply because they are different, then healing and acceptance of yourself will start, then acceptance of others will follow.

For those who wonder what this topic has to do with magick? Start working on this philosophy and the answer will become apparent sooner than you could realize. But I will let you discover that, when the time is right for you.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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