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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Things to Know If You Choose A Goddess' Name As Your Own

Beltane Greetings My Witchy Readers,

Today we continue in the Goddess vein I have been discussing all month. So many areas come to mind when discussing the ancient Goddesses and how they interact with our lives today, we as magickal people. One very important way, is when we choose, as some do, to give ourselves a magickal name and we choose a Goddess' name for our own.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with choosing a magickal name. Many do for many reasons, primarily to give you a special magickal feeling when in ritual and when around magickal friends as well as a sense of anonymity which can give us a sense of protection and security if others do not know our real name.

It is a respectable witch who respects another's privacy and we would never divulge a person's real name without permission, not ever "out" someone from the "broom closet" as it is said, if they are not ready to come out.

Many choose fantastical names that may include names of nature like wolf, moon, flower, star shine, and such. I have met Laurels, Jolenes, Esmereldas, Yet each name we choose has an energy and they will draw to you the energy surrounding the name. If it is a fairy name, light and happy, fun and free you will be surrounded with that energy.

Some names are protective and wise, like Merlin, Raven, Obi-Wan even Frodo. But when one chooses a darker name or a name of chaos or death and destruction, Whoa's be the person who wears that mantle.

I have watched people choose names like Hekate, Kali (as in Kali Ma) Loki, Nyx, Pandora and all sorts of curious names. Of course if they are students of mine, I don't say anything one way or another, as their name is personal and their choice. But I am no longer surprised when after a year and a day, when a student happens to choose a name of destruction and chaos, for whatever reason, that they seem to pull those energies into their swirling morass and they find themselves surrounded with exactly what they have named themselves.

Names are not simply a word that we put on and off like a suit of clothes. They are an energy that we surround ourselves with and we develop and build upon. It grows within us and it gets stronger and more pronounced as we continue with it.

If you choose a name because you think it is Goth and punk or cool because it is a Goddess of Death and destruction, then you probably are not really plugged into what this world of magick is all about. If that is the energy you do wish to attract then more power to you, as dark as it may be, have at it.

But realize, you create  your reality. You cannot name yourself after a Goddess or destruction and chaos and then blame others when you create exactly that in your life. Ah, but some will, because they just do not get it. Others will simply leave this path and search out another.

Again, the change must come from within, "For if you do not find what you seek within yourself, you will never find it without" So speaks the Goddess.

So, when thinking of a name, a magickal name for yourself, give it plenty of thought and consider the energy. It is not necessary to call yourself "Blue Rainbow Princess Flower Petal", but "Hekate Dark Blood Grave Goddess" is probably a bit far in the other direction.

Do some research when choosing a name. For instance my one of my magickal names I have had for many years is Calli. No, not Kali from the skull wearing, death causing Kali Ma from the Hindu culture, (shudder) no my Calli is a shortened version, using numerology from the Cailleach from the ancient Scottish, and She was an ancient Grandmotherly ancestor spirit. Kindly, gently, comforting and loving. They may sound the same but the energy I invoke is much different from Kali Ma, whom I would never invoke, not even by the spelling of my name.

So read up on the history of your magickal name, the Goddess that may be attached to it and see if it has the energy you like. If not, keep looking. I assure you, your magickal name is out there looking for you!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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