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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Witches Pyramid

The Witches Pyramid

Good Evening,

The Witches Pyramid is an old concept that Witches of old were thought to follow. It has four levels, lessons or sides of the pyramid. To know, To will, To dare, To keep silent. These are the four aspects of the pyramid. The lessons of the pyramid are simple and each are associated with a direction and element:

To Know: A witch must have knowledge and not just book or (shudder) Internet knowledge. Anyone can read and read and read. That doesn't make you a witch. Practice, ritual, working magick are all part of becoming a witch and a witch has knowledge. To know. To know on a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level and that takes more than just reading a book or taking some classes. A witch practices at home, and come to a place where she/he lives the life. And then truly know. To Know is associated with the Eastern realms and the element of Air.

To Will: A witch is often challenged on her/his path. Sometimes the challenge is obvious and comes from a close minded person, perhaps a co-worker or relative. Many more times though the challenge comes from the world around you. You must have the Will, the drive, the desire the courage to practice and live your life as a witch. It's not always going to be easy, did you expect it to be? Living the life of a witch is easy when everything is going your way, but it becomes life changing and life enhancing when you live the life of a witch when everything is going against you, and you still do your 'witchy' thing. To Will is associated with the Southern realms and element of Fire.

To Dare: Yes, you must have the will, the desire to practice a witchy lifestyle, but you may also be called upon to be daring! To face up to opposition and do it anyways! Regardless of what others may think, say or do. Of course, you must be safe and if your safety is in jeopardy be sure to call the authorities, but other than that, practice as you choose to. I long ago got over the neighbors or others in my neighborhood knowing I practice witchcraft. I have rituals and do all sorts of things right in the front yard and people just continue on their way. Sometimes people drive by and beep and wave, others simply ignore us. It's all good, because I practice as I will and fewer people than you would think have a problem with it. Or if they do have a problem, they never say anything to me. To Dare is associated with the Western realms and the element of Water.

To Keep Silent: This level or lesson of the Witches Pyramid has been the most important one throughout the history of the witch. For when a witch (suspected witch) was arrested she/he was tortured for information on their illicit activities s well as for names of other 'witches'. Under the types of torture common during the Burning Times, people often gave up the names of anyone with the slightest suspicion on them if they thought it would stop the pain and suffering. Midwives, herbalists, anyone who practiced the old folk magicks would all be suspect. Those accused were seldom let go, once arrested the path quickly led to death by either burning or hanging. So to keep silent was crucial for your life and the life of your family. To Keep Silent is associated with the Northern realms and the element of Earth.

These lessons of the Witches Pyramid have been taught and practiced for decades if not centuries. There is little historical information as to the true origins of the Witches Pyramid, but it is important to note it is much older than Wicca, and is not Wiccan per say, but  rather a basis for practice of effective magick and living a magickal life. The Witches Pyramid has evolved over the past few decades and modern magickal practitioners have added yet a fifth aspect or lesson to the prior four. The fifth lesson is;

To Go: It refers to the physical action required by a witch to do her/his work. It is not simply a matter of thinking about something, or praying about something to make a thing manifest. Many belief systems do just that, thinking or praying about a thing. The witch acts! To go, is the lesson of action. Do something, get the energies moving, to make your magick manifest. Also invoke the Goddess/God to aide you in your work. For this level or lesson is associated with the Realm of Spirit which is held above all things physical.

The Witches Pyramid is considered very old by some magickal practitioners and I can't say whether it is or it isn't. But I do know the lessons to be learned when practicing the levels gives a witch a sound foundation with which to work and practice a magickal life.

Peace and Happiness

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