The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Good Afternoon,

This upcoming Sunday, September 13, 2015, The Witches of Enchantments will be going on our annual trip to Salem, Mass. I will conduct a lecture concerning the events of that fateful Summer of 1692 where 20 people were put to death for the 'crime' of witchcraft. Then we will conduct a memorial service for those victims of the trials. Afterwards we will explore the real witches Salem and meet real witches like ourselves. If you want to come along, simply find yourself at the 1692 Victim's Memorial that is adjacent to the Old Buryin' Ground in Salem, at noon. Set your GPS to 2 New Liberty Street, Salem, Mass and you will find yourself at the Visitor's Center. The parking garage is right next to the Visitor's Center and you can get a walking map in the visitor's center to find the Victim's Memorial. Meet us at noon at the Victim's Memorial, and come along with us for the day!

I'll be conducting an extensive lecture concerning the 1692 Witch Trials but to whet your whistle I thought to share some of the more unusual tidbits of historical information with you, surrounding the events of the Summer of 1692.

  • No persons were burned on Colonial American soil. All executed were done so by the method of hanging, or in the case of one man, Giles Corey, torture of being pressed to death. 
  • Three dogs were hung on Gallow's Hill in Salem
  • Children as well as adults were arrested and chained up in the local jail which really consisted of a fetid dungeon.
  • While one could be an attorney in 1692, one could not be represented by an attorney in a court of law. It was illegal to practice law in a court of law. There was no legal defense for the accused. 
  • The entire event of the Witch Trials was started by a small group of young girls.
  • Food poisoning may have been at the root of all the troubles.
  • Women as well as men were accused. Even a reverend of the church was accused. 
  • Hundreds of people all over New England and New York were accused. 
These are just some of the historical tidbits that come to light when discussing the events of 1692. 
I look forward to telling you the entire story. I hope you can make it to Salem with us on Sunday. All who come to the lecture can participate in the Memorial Service for the Victims of 1692. See you there! Ms. Faith \\

Peace and Happiness 

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