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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Magickal Garden Tour

Good Afternoon,

Last Saturday, The wonderful students of Enchantments went on a field trip to a local nursery. Woodland Gardens in Manchester is simply one of the best nurseries around! I walked the class through the trees and shrubs, the perennials and then the annuals from flower to vegetable.

There was so much to see and learn. I tried to give the students the 'witch's' point of view of the plants. The magickal properties of the plants and little known secrets of the plants. I will cover just a few of them with you here, today.

 This first plant is Lady's Mantle. It's magickal property is love. It can be used in love spells and sachets. It also has a drop of what appears to be dew in the center of each leaf in the morning, but it is really a sap from the plant. Legend has it, that this drop of sap can be used magickally to create the philosopher's stone.  The philosopher's stone is reputed to be able to alchemically turn base metals into gold and in some legends for one to achieve immortality. 

 This next beautiful plant is the Scotch Broom or Witches Broom. It is a member of the sweet pea family and now comes in many beautiful colors, from yellows to reds, oranges and even white. It's natural color is a pale yellow flower. Burning broom is thought to bring the rains. This could be done if an area is experiencing a drought. The magickal properties of broom are Purification, wind spells, divination, protection.  If using broom be sure to carry with you and never drink or eat as the plant is poisonous.

 This plant is the lovely foxglove. It's magickal property is protection. It is the basis for Digitalis which is it's Latin name, and has been used in a heart medicine for heart patients. Be sure to never use this on your own for medicinal purposes. It needs to be modified in a laboratory for one to use the medicine it contains safely. It is said to never cut and bring foxglove indoors as it is bad luck and will irritate the faerie spirits that are near.

 This is sweet woodruff. It's magickal properties is victory, protection and money. Carry a sprig of woodruff with you to draw money to you and to increase protection around you. This is the herb used in May Wine at Beltaine and is also a source of coumadin an anti-coagulant or blood thinner. If you are on blood thinners be very careful about using woodruff in food or drink. When the leaves are crushed it smells like new mown hay.

These are just some of the secrets these plants have in store for you. Each one is a lovely addition to your garden and none spread except for the woodruff. It can be mown to keep it in check and to also release its wonderful fragrance.

If you would like to know more about the magickal properties of plants and herbs I recommend a wonderful book by Mr. Scott Cunningham "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs". We sell this book at Enchantments, and as it's so popular we try to always have it in stock.

Please save the following dates for upcoming witchy activities at Enchantments:  Saturday June 21st, we celebrate the Summer Solstice at Enchantments with a Sabbat ritual and a Pagan feast. Everyone is welcome. More about this in next week's discussion.

Wednesday July 2, 2014 we host the bi-monthly Women's Spirituality Group at Enchantments at 5 pm. This is a free group for women who wish to discuss their spiritual path with others of like mind.

Peace and Happiness

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