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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Beltaine! A bit of history about the MayPole and Sex!

 Happy Beltaine!

The first day of the Celtic Pagan Summer! Wow, it certainly has been a long winter! I know many of you look towards June 21st as the first day of summer, but if you recall June 21st has for centuries been also referred to as midsummer. Remember Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream? It took place towards the end of June.

But no matter, we can all agree to celebrate warmer weather, flowers in full bloom and trees leafing out, all over.

People have asked about the Maypole which is predominant at this Sabbat or Holiday. This Holiday or Holy Day is a day where the ancients recognized the importance of procreation to keep the species alive. This was important, so as to have babies to keep the tribe, clan or village growing and becoming stronger. The Maypole is a metaphoric example of the concept.

The pole in the center is representative of the phallus which is the male member. Traditionally it is wrapped around with white and red ribbons representing the female genitalia.  Once wrapped and decorated thee Maypole signifies the coupling of the Goddess and the God, or intercourse. Without of course, having babies would be difficult!
Ms. Faith's Maypole Beltaine Celebration 2008

Today the ribbons take on many hues and after the ribbons are affixed at the top of the Maypole, people stand around and call out alternately 'Sun' and 'Moon'. Those that called out Sun will start walking in a deosil or clockwise direction, whilst those who called out Moon would start walking in the opposite direction. As people come up to others they dip and raise going over or under the other's ribbons. Slowly the pole becomes encased in the pretty ribbons wrapped tightly around.

Both men and women can dance the Maypole dance, though I believe in ancient times only boys were the ones to hold the ribbons and dance the dance. I'll have to check my facts on this one though. As I get older the magickal memory starts to fade a bit!

So whether you dance round a Maypole, jump a Beltaine Bonfire or just have a lovely feast today, I wish you a Merry Beltaine and a Happy Summer!

Peace and Happiness!

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